July 26, 2010, 3:33 pm
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On 31st Ave: Two squat, sweaty thirtysomething Hispanic men pushing a grocery cart call out behind me BABY VERY NICE CAN I GET YOUR AUTOGRAPH?

On the N, Q Broadway Platform: One bald, solitary fiftysomething Middle Eastern man spits out wet, suction-cup kisses for at least ten seconds, then follows me for another five.

On Redtube: One sturdy, breathy Slavic-looking fellow enjoins “You’re so pretty; you’re so hot; it’s not right that you’re doing this. How old are you? That’s young.”

Everywhere: Bullying done up in fake, eerie, derisive flattery makes my skin crawl; a tactually icy, murderous, jumping bean, kinetic, sickly green white noise-vitality that crusts over my eyes and chokeholds me. I want to slice off their heads and squeeze off their necks and watch their blood gush fast and high up in the air like that one scene in Three Kings. Bodies of dead assholes strewn all over, with explosives in their mouths and bloody barbed wire and itchy twine cutting off the circulation in their wrists. Their helpless, pleading, bloodshot eyes I shoot out with one of those cool lemon squeezer guns that fit hidden in the palm of my hand.


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