‎(rah² + ah³)+(rumah² + ma²)+(ga² + ooh + la²)

We haven’t had a Gaga post yet, so here come some thoughts on the Alejandro video explicitly by Rebecca, but informed by Sarah:

Lady Gaga is limited. I don’t fault her for it. The lighting is beautiful, the dancing is great, the videos are defiantly weird and there’s a stirring, but superficial stab at equality with gender-bending outfits and meaningful shots of the angry female protagonist; still, in tune with her age and the culture she lives in, Gaga unknowingly(?) celebrates victimhood and settles for shaky, seething unexpressed (but somewhat displaced—in dance!) anger over honest confrontation and true shows of strength.

There’s something I find moving and bittersweet about the way I envision her operating within the limits of her own particular female/human cage… and this doesn’t make me dislike her, because Sarah and I–I hope we can transcend sitting and singing stolid while muscular men in heels dance, but if she prefers to play a more distant, godlike, uninvolved role, then at least I admire her for operating with gusto! to an acceptably slight “female” degree. For myself, I know I want to be the one doing the pelvic thrusts, subverting gender stereotypes: shirtless, brawny, heeled; an effeminate man, a masculine woman, a fully human human. And surely Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta wants to be free too, but for various pan-cultural, intrapsychic reasons, she feels she can’t and so pitifully and beautifully broils within her own confines. I believe this is the accepted and pathetic fate of many women.

I think what moves me when I see this Alejandro video is the germ of the idea that comes to my mind especially when watching the dance sequence—an idea of accepting REALITY and honest limitations and how dignified and mature it is to attempt to live life elegantly and honestly in–as DiMassa and Gottlieb would call it–a “ruined world” but what I see with Lady Gaga is a confusion between reality and VICTIMHOOD, which is not only accepted but romanticized (because you know us women always loving the way it hurts like Rihanna, never punching the wall like Eminem… not that punching the wall gets to the source of anger and pain, but at least those emotions are outwardly expressed, not kept frenetically inside), as if there was anything beautiful about being a passive untouchable choking on rosary beads as opposed to a horde of loud and brawny backup dancers in coquettish positions—a much more controversial and realistically gender neutral way of operating.


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