Smug, Unkind, Willingly Blind!

The Barbs have some thoughts on this Sofia Coppola profile. Let’s explore them.

This article! What fun!.. for Peter Bradshaw, the imperious interviewer. What a creepily sarcastic and unctuously belittling screed. It’s a depressingly unsurprising Profile of Woman that operates within the framework of Woman as Unknowable, Mysterious, Inscrutable OTHER who’s just too self-possessed, just too calm and pleasant to be anything but…. a huge fucking idiot! How possibly else could Peter expect to understand her not-playing-to-the-interviewer calm quietude and “enigmatic, opaque” self-confidence and probable disgust at his evinced sliminess? Obviously, she must just be stupid! Yeah! That’s the only explanation! That’s what justifies all these woman-in-mature-and-inconspicuous-control things we can’t understand! ‘Cause she talks like a “highly articulate” (i.e. retarded!) Valley Girl and answers a question “as if it had not occurred to her,” that dumb, withholding bitch. Women, what sphinxes! (FADE OUT as Peter Bradshaw exits the scene in a fatuous blaze of interview notes, sleazy smirks and high-fives to his man friends.) – Rebecca

Sarah’s separate-but-equal words shall be written here shortly… upon her return from the depths.


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